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Create content!

So Casey Neistat is probably one of the cooler Youtube creators out there…

I’m a huge fan and enjoy his Videos and his Vlog and his motivational stuff, makes me want to create content and post more on my Youtube Channel! riaanreyneke

I’m gonna make some short films, clips, videos, movies and play around with editing apps and movie makers!

Enjoy! Oh, and go and do something that makes you excited!


And I’m back!

Hey There!

I’m back, after a loooong break to focus on family matters close to my heart. All is well again and I can engage with the social side of things again :).

I hope you enjoy the new Youtube Videos I posted 🙂

Please remember to subscribe to my Youtube Channel, I’d appreciate that…

You can click here: https://goo.gl/KTgkro

Take care!


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