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Laundry Day

And I’m back!

Hey There!

I’m back, after a loooong break to focus on family matters close to my heart. All is well again and I can engage with the social side of things again :).

I hope you enjoy the new Youtube Videos I posted 🙂

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Take care!


1This magnificent property is up for grabs to anyone looking for a fantastic Holiday House. Two additional cottages can be rented out to self catering holiday makers. It’s private, on top of a hill with ocean views, lake views, forest views and mountain views!

Cold and Wet...

Wonderful cold and wet weather in George today… I am absolutely in awe of the way the weather changes in our new hometown. It reminds me of London today: gray, misty, windy, wet, colors few and far between, lamps switched on in houses, jackets and coats pulled tight around the body, ducking under teeny weeny rain drops… I love it!

Autumn creeps in...

And just like that autumn creeps in down here in George, Western Cape, South Africa… Beautiful red, orange, yellow and auburn fills the street side as you drive through our beautiful town in the Eden District, Magical!

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