A feeling often experienced while Travelling!

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When a child…

We recently celebrated the 1st birthday of our child, and had to fly inland to visit family. It struck me as absolutely amazing how the other passengers on the flight allowed us ‘special treatment’ because we had an infant. Everyone was very comfortable to let us through the doors first, waited patiently while we packed our 7 000 carry-on bags in the overhead compartments, flight attendants double and triple checking if we were comfortable, fellow passengers waving at the little one… It was amazing! It seems there still are good people today!

It was a wonderful trip and she knew when we sang Happy Birthday that it was to celebrate her! She thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate and gifts everyone gave her!

It seems that us humans are probably the species who cater for our young the longest of all living things.. She only turned 1 and we probably have 17 more years to go until she’s an adult. That’s extremely long if you consider the fact that in the wild, most new-lings are left on their own much much sooner. In fact, I know of some 30 year-old who still rely heavy on their parents for support. Even me, at 35 rely on favors and understanding from other people, so maybe we never really grow up? I once saw a quote: If you think you’re all grown up, wait for someone to bring out the Bubble Wrap!

Yup, we technically just learn how to behave like adults, but never really grow up..

I do have a feeling that our children will someday WANT to live as adults, on their own, to follow their dreams, but I do hope that they still consider us as their cool parents! Even if they are successful and become World President, that they would still make time for us. In this day and age with all the smart phones and smart cars and fast food and self service, I pray that they will still realize their independence is actually inter-dependence on their parents, siblings, in-laws and friends. We tend to forget that humans aren’t supposed to be alone, even though we sometimes feel like being on our own. That feeling must dissipate eventually, in order for us to play our part in our relationships, friendships, community, country and the world.

Having said that, I know some people tend to think that they are better smarter faster or cooler than others. I have news for you, you are not. We are all equally smart, fast and cool compared to the view our infants have of us. To them, their own parents are the best!

You are never too cool to care…

Another quote comes to mind:

“It doesn’t matter how mean you think you are, when a child hands you a plastic telephone, you answer it!”

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