Good luck out there!

You can do it!

Be strong


Do what you can


Be smart

Act wise


Believe in your dreams

Set goals

Have friends


Give thanks!

I just want to say how thankful I am for:

  • My children
  • My family
  • My friends
  • My house
  • My town
  • My job
  • My sense of adventure
  • My sense of Humor
  • My IQ
  • My openness
  • My love for books
  • My insatiable mind
  • My love for movies
  • My goals
  • My dreams
  • My ability to cook
  • My ability to hold my end of a converstaion
  • Love
  • Pain
  • Hardship
  • My past, for teaching me all the painful lessons
  • My future! Can’t wait to make it the present, good things!

Sorting myself out..

Things I need to have in my life:

  • Someone to love
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Place to live
  • Food and clothing
  • Cool job
  • Doing some form of exercise…
  • Transport
  • Healthy finances
  • Hobbies
  • Future goals

Alright, sounds easy enough, let’s get crackin’!

We haven't tried really..

This huge big ball of matter which we call Mother is still here.. She has survived billions of years, asteroids, earthquakes, catastrophes, dinosaurs, major cosmic tectonic plate shifts, but most of all, she has survived humans.. She is gentle and kind and peaceful and patient.. She is mother… We haven’t tried to be kinder to her, not really…

Take the time to breathe...

Take that walk on the beach, feel the sand between your toes, taste the saltiness of the ocean, look down, look up, look around you, put away the smart phone, don’t take the call, hold the hand of the one you love, be present in body mind and spirit, but most of all take the time to breathe…

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