I make it happen!

How I work:
I have a picture in my head on how things will be, and I’m totally involved in the here and now. I am go, go, go. And that creates a lot of successes. I’m very task oriented. I like to do something, get it done, and move on to the next thing. I love circumstances where it’s a challenge.

I’m a doer. What’s the mission and how are we getting there? Let’s work together. Let’s go. Throw any obstacle, I’ll find a way.

New stuff, that’s the thrill. I love to learn. I can take a prior experience and lay it right on top of what I’m doing today and carry it all forward. I do a lot of brainstorming on my feet, organizing the points in my mind.

Sitting still is hard for me. I am really activity oriented and I don’t need lots of supervision. I look for variety in most positions. If it’s not there, I tend not to stay. I’d rather go out there and do it, just get on with things, and I can communicate that without having to spend a lot of time explaining. I ask for help when it’s needed.

I am totally a people person. Working through people is the way to get things done. All of my energy, fun, and most uplifting experiences are focused around people. I don’t beat around the bush. Sometimes I have to tone it down a little bit—people may read me the wrong way. I’m very comfortable working either together as a team or individually. I like having flexibility, options, negotiating points.

I celebrate achievements. Recognition or reward runs very high in my value system.

I like to walk into a place that’s totally chaotic, nothing’s happening, and there’s a great opportunity to straighten things out. I like to get the job of placing all the stuff in order, making it right so it works.

It takes a lot to rattle me 🙂

My Personality Type: ESTP.
This is an excerpt from:
“What’s it like to be an ESTP.”
A Self Portrait Personality Type Description


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