The Tooth Fairy…


My 10 year old daughter excitedly rushed over to the couch to show off the tooth she finally pulled all on her own! She has been visited by the Tooth Fairy her entire life. Each tooth carefully placed in a shoe or slipper at the side of her bed, and each and every time the Tooth Fairy(Me) would do the ultimate business exchange: a tooth for money.

We relocated to the coast at the beginning of this year, an impressive 1 300 kilometers from where we used to live. This was the first tooth she pulled since living at the coast.

I went to bed, got up the next morning, had a cup of coffee, woke her up to get ready for school, and went about our business like we usually do… BIG MISTAKE!

My daughters face was one filled with confusion, disbelief and utter disappointment – How could the Tooth Fairy forget about her tooth?! (It struck me like a lightning bolt! I forgot to do the deal! I never replaced the tooth in her shoe and never put down cold, hard cash!)

“Do you think the Tooth Fairy know that we moved, Dad?” was my perfect opportunity to totally redeem myself as Uber-Father-Superhero-person.

“I believe so, dear…” I replied with ultimate calmness.

I said: “You know what? Let’s put the tooth into your shoe again tonight, I’m sure she realized you are not living in Pretoria anymore. I’m sure she double checked your new address with Santa, and she’ll be here tonight”.

“Okay.” She replied, comfortable with my explanation and ate her breakfast.

Truth be told, that night the Tooth Fairy waited and waited and waited until she was asleep, sneaked into her bedroom, took the tiny white gem out of the shoe, and replaced it with cold hard cash.

Balance was restored and faith of the unseen has been rekindled. A child’s imagination was spared for another day!

I know she’s getting older, and I know sooner or later she will find out the truth, but for now, I am happy that she’s happy that there’s a tiny fairy flying around at night collecting teeth. At what age are children supposed to let go of that world? At what age should they ‘Grow up’? At what age should we break their little harts with reality? Never…

Well, I’m off to prepare for Christmas, ’cause this year Santa Claus is coming to the Coast! (He’s got our address…)




I am an adventurous early riser with high energy levels not minding to get up while it’s still dark to put on the kettle and taste that first sip of strong black coffee and wait for the first change of light just before the sun rises in the east…but sometimes, just sometimes I’m like this Wildcat…

We haven’t tried really..

We haven't tried really..

This huge big ball of matter which we call Mother is still here.. She has survived billions of years, asteroids, earthquakes, catastrophes, dinosaurs, major cosmic tectonic plate shifts, but most of all, she has survived humans.. She is gentle and kind and peaceful and patient.. She is mother… We haven’t tried to be kinder to her, not really…

Forest on your doorstep…

The wonder of being able to slip into a forest and feel like your part of mother natures breathing is still a magical experience.. Our Tai Chi classes in the evening at the Botanical Gardens let us find a way to inner peace and stillness.. Enough to recharge, rejuvenate and restore what the days, weeks, months and years have taken from us in toll for where we have wandered.. Make a trail, don’t follow one..